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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Identify patients who are candidates for treatment 
  • ​Know how to speak to your patients about these products 
  • ​Learn how to monetize and market peptides in your practice 
  • ​Learn which clinical markers and test to preform and follow 
  • ​Learn what to expect for clinical results 
  • ​Facilitate delivery to your patients 

Webinar #1: 
Immunity, GH secretagogues and their benefit in aging and cellular level.  

Webinar #2: 
Sexual function, skin and hair treatments, anxiety, and sleep.  

Webinar #3: 
Inflammaging: inflammation, pain, repair and recovery  

Webinar #4: 
Longevity and Prevention: epigenetic aging, senolytics, sirt1 activation, and aging as a disease. 

Webinar #5: 
Mastering peptide implementation; best practices and case studies 

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